Start Construction Description
Start Construction Victory-icon
-Image © Zynga
Now it's time to get your hands dirty! It's hard work making an island bigger.
Gold Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:
Coins 5,000 coins
XP-icon 240
Coins 4,000 coins
XP-icon 145
Stake Your Claim
Start Construction
Grand Opening Ceremony

Tasks Edit

Hard Hat-icon Get 8 Hard Hats. Post Feed. Cash 40 cash
Dig Dirt-icon Gather 75 Grass Samples. Dig on empty grass areas on any map to gather 75 grass samples, each costs Energy-icon 5 energy. Cash 45 cash
Pirate Teamsters-icon Hire Pirate Teamster. Hire in the Store Store for Coins 10,000 coins. Cash 36 cash

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