The Store is the location where items may be purchased for the island. Items can be purchased with Coins or with Island Cash.

The market has 7 tabs each with a different kind of product in. The tabs are:

Tools Edit

Main article: Tools

There are three tabs in the tools tab:

  • All - shows all equipment and items.
  • Equipment - Items used for exploring maps
  • Items - Items that can be only use once
  • Materials - Items used for building plans
Image Name Cost Type Level Description
Machete-icon Machete Coins 500 coins Equipment 1 Increases chance of finding fruit
Pickaxe-icon Pickaxe Coins 3000 coins Equipment 4 Increases chance of gold
Magnifying Glass-icon Magnifying Glass Coins 1500 coins Equipment 7 Search for hidden treasure
Crowbar-icon Crowbar Coins 40000 coins Equipment 10 Breaks and rips into containers
Dynamite-icon Dynamite Coins 150 coins Items 6 Blows up large rocks
Bug Spray-icon Bug Spray Coins 300 coins Items 8 Kills bugs dead
Map Fragment-icon 10 Fragments Cash 5 cash Items Used to replay maps
Map Fragment-icon 40 Fragments Cash 18 cash Items Used to replay maps
Monkey Wrench-icon Monkey Wrench Cash 3 cash Items 10 Use to open Monkey Contraptions
Monkey Wrench pack-icon Monkey Wrench 48 Pack Cash 20 cash Items 10 Ten Monkey Wrenches!
Monkey Wrench pack-icon Monkey Wrench 25 pack Cash 100 cash Items 10 Twenty five Monkey Wrenches!
Golden Ticket-icon Golden Ticket Cash 3 cash Items Used to open excavations
Golden Ticket 12pack-icon 12 Golden Tickets Cash 35 cash Items x12 Golden Tickets
Golden Ticket 50pack-icon 50 Golden Tickets Cash 100 cash Items x50 Golden Tickets
Monkey Special-icon Monkey Special Cash 10 cash Items 10 x3 Golden Tickets, x3 Bananas
Nails-icon Nails Cash 1 cash Materials Used for building
Planks-icon Planks Cash 1 cash Materials Used for building
Rope-icon Rope Cash 1 cash Materials Used for building
Cloth-icon Cloth Cash 1 cash Materials Used for building
Paint-icon Paint Cash 1 cash Materials Used for building
Fire Shovel-icon 5 Fire Digs Cash 12 cash Items Dig 3 tiles at one, five times
Fire Shovel-icon 20 Fire Digs Cash 40 cash Items Dig 3 tiles at one, twenty times

Energy Edit

Main article: Energy

Energy tab is for all items that gives an amount of energy.

Image Name Cost Description
Energy-icon Energy Refill Cash 10 cash Instantly refills your energy
Lava Mango-icon Lava Mango x 3 Cash 6 cash 3 mangoes for more energy
Lava Mango-icon Lava Mango x 12 Cash 20 cash 12 mangoes for more energy
Crop Plot-icon Crop Plot Cash 100 cash Place this from your backpack!

Gems Edit

Main article: Gems

Gems are used to unlock Gem Gates to explore some part of the Island. Gems cannot be placed in Home Island but remains only in inventory.

Image Name Cost Description
One of Each Gem-icon One of Each Gem Cash 8 cash Gem variety bag
5 Red Gems-icon 5 Red Gems Cash 8 cash Bag of red gems
5 Blue Gems-icon 5 Blue Gems Cash 8 cash Bag of blue gems
5 Green Gems-icon 5 Green Gems Cash 8 cash Bag of green gems
5 Orange Gems-icon 5 Orange Gems Cash 8 cash Bag of orange gems
5 Purple Gems-icon 5 Purple Gems Cash 8 cash Bag of purple gems

Trees Edit

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The Trees tab contains Trees and Shrubs or plants that serve only as decoration, and cannot be harvest unlike the Gem Tree. There are some shrubs could be place at the Sea (water part of the Home Island).

Animals Edit

Main article: Animals

The Animals tab contains all of the animals that are available permanently or for a given period of time. Animals also remain as decoration and cannot be harvested. There are some animals could be also placed on sea areas.

Decorations Edit

Main article: Decoration

There are two tabs in the decorations tab:

  • All - shows all of decorations and buildings
  • Plans - separate list of building plans
  • Buildings - separate list of all buildings
  • Flags - separate list of all Flags
  • Docks - separate list of all Docks
  • Boats - separate list of all Boats

Upgrade Edit

Main article: Island Upgrades

Island Upgrades can be bought from the store. This increases the size of a player's Home Island. There are currently four upgrades that can be bought, with either Island Cash or, if a player has enough Neighbors, Coins.

Image Name Coins Cash Neighbor Req
Island Upgrade-icon Small Island Coins 35,000 coins Cash 20 cash 8
Island Upgrade-icon Medium Island Coins 50,000 coins Cash 25 cash 10
Island Upgrade-icon Large Island Coins 65,000 coins Cash 30 cash 12
Island Upgrade-icon Grand Island Coins 80,000 coins Cash 35 cash 14