Thanksgiving Event
Event Thanksgiving-icon
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Start Date:November 16th, 2010
End Date:2010
Halloween Event
Thanksgiving Event
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The Thanksgiving Event started in November 16th by adding new decorations, animals and trees to the store, some of these items are permanent additions, not limited editions. During the event a new adoptable lost animal, the turkey, was released. One new map with five islands was released along with a trainable animal. Also part of the event is the Banquet Table where players could redeem RSVPs and the Gift Stand were Black Balloons could be redeemed.

Animals Edit

Rex The Raccoon
Rex The Raccoon-icon
Energy-icon +3 max energy
Cash 65 cash
Skunky The Skunk
Skunky The Skunk-icon
Energy-icon +3 max energy
Cash 65 cash
Sam The Squirrel
Sam The Squirrel-icon
Energy-icon +2 max energy
Cash 55 cash
Foxy The Fox
Foxy The Fox-icon
Energy-icon +2 max energy
Cash 55 cash
Fuzz The Fox
Fuzz The Fox-icon
Energy-icon +2 max energy
Cash 55 cash
Bun Buns the Bunny
Bun Buns the Bunny-icon
Energy-icon +1 max energy
Cash 35 cash
Ben The Badger
Ben The Badger-icon
Energy-icon +1 max energy
Cash 35 cash
Bucky The Buck
Bucky The Buck-icon
Energy-icon +1 max energy
Cash 35 cash

Decorations Edit

Cranberry Truck
Cranberry Truck-icon
+10 Backpack
Cash 40 cash
Big Barn
Big Barn-icon
+10 Backpack
Cash 40 cash
Squirrel Table
Squirrel Table-icon
Coins 10,000 coins
Small Squash
Small Squash-icon
Coins 150 coins
Coins 200 coins
Indian Corn
Indian Corn-icon
Coins 150 coins
Brown Pile of Leaves
Brown Pile of Leaves-icon
Coins 200 coins
Pile of Red Leaves
Pile of Red Leaves-icon
Coins 200 coins
Pile of Yellow Leaves
Pile of Yellow Leaves-icon
Coins 200 coins
Coins 400 coins
Wooden Fence
Wooden Fence-icon
Coins 100 coins
Cranberry Crate
Cranberry Crate-icon
Coins 100 coins
Coins 500 coins

Trees Edit

Yellow Maple Tree
Yellow Maple Tree-icon
Coins 250 coins
Orange Maple Tree
Orange Maple Tree-icon
Coins 250 coins

Banquet Table Edit

RSVP-icon 5 RSVPs
Bag of Gems
One of Each Gem-icon
RSVP-icon 12 RSVPs
Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter-icon
RSVP-icon 20 RSVPs
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pie-icon
RSVP-icon 30 RSVPs
Turkey Feast
Turkey Feast-icon
RSVP-icon 50 RSVPs
Giant Pig Float
Giant Pig Float-icon
RSVP-icon 150 RSVPs

Gift Stand Edit

Black Coffee
Black Coffee-icon
Black Balloon-icon 3 Balloons
Racoon Table
Racoon Table-icon
Black Balloon-icon 13 Balloons
Big Barn
Big Barn-icon
Black Balloon-icon 30 Balloons
Fail Whale
Fail Whale-icon
Black Balloon-icon 56 Balloons
Swan Boat
Swan Boat-icon
Black Balloon-icon 60 Balloons
Crop Plot
Crop Plot-icon
Black Balloon-icon 100 Balloons

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