The Sky is Falling Description
Upload File:The Sky is Falling Victory-icon.png
The Star is within reach now! Be careful, I've heard it's hard not to look at!
Gold Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Silver Reward
Complete in:23 hours
Bronze Reward
Complete in:
Coins ? coins
XP-icon 255
Star of Atlantis
Coins 3,920 coins
XP-icon 155
Star of Atlantis
Coins ? coins
XP-icon 60
Star of Atlantis
So Close Yet So Star
The Sky is Falling

Tasks Edit

Vulcanologists-icon Assemble Star Gazing Crew. Ask 4 Friends. Cash 28 cash
Collect the treasures on Gazer's Point. Collect all 41 treasures on Gazer's Point. Cash 35 cash
Hypnotic Spectacles-icon Acquire 8 Hypnosis Specs. Post Feed. Cash 40 cash
Find the Star of Atlantis. Find the Star of Atlantis on Gazer's Point, costs Energy-icon 5 energy. Cash 5 cash

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