Tiki Isles III Information
Tiki Isles III map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Tiki Isles (archipelago)
Level Range 1 - 17
Extra Requirements Neighbors
Islands Mahalo Cay
Little Kahuna
Harbor Watchers
Isle of Trials
Isle of Smiles
Big Kahuna
Land of Lava
Monkey Palace
Tiki Isles II
Tiki Isles III
Tiki Isles IV

Tiki Isles III is the third map in Treasure Isle.

Treasure Table Edit

Island Treasures Finish Bonus Replay
Mahalo Cay Chess Pieces-iconJeweled Birds-iconThe Lost Adventuress-icon XP-icon 45 Map Fragment 10 Reward treasurechest 18 Level 13
Little Kahuna Chess Pieces-iconTreasures of Egypt-iconThe Lost Adventuress-icon XP-icon 60 Map Fragment 10 Reward treasurechest 16 Level 14
Big Kahuna Treasure Remnants-iconHula Outfit-iconTreasures of Egypt-icon XP-icon 115 Map Fragment 25 Reward treasurechest 33 15 Neighbors
or Cash 25 cash
Harbor Watchers Tiki Masks-iconJeweled Birds-iconThe Lost Adventuress-icon XP-icon 95 Map Fragment 20 Reward treasurechest 32 Level 15
Isle of Trials Tiki Masks-iconJeweled Birds-iconAlepoi's Beach Gear-icon XP-icon 120 Map Fragment 25 Reward treasurechest 41 Level 16
Land of Lava Chess Pieces-iconTreasures of Egypt-iconAlepoi's Beach Gear-icon XP-icon 85 Map Fragment 15 Reward treasurechest 3 Level 17
Isle of Smiles Tiki Masks-iconTreasures of Egypt-iconAlepoi's Beach Gear-icon XP-icon 45 Map Fragment 10 Reward treasurechest 18
Monkey Palace Banana Fun-iconBanana Split (collection)-iconBongos-iconCoconut Animals-iconCoconut Crafts-iconDJ Gear-icon
Four Wise Monkeys-iconKongo King-iconMonkey Band-iconMonkey Grinder-iconTropical Bugs-icon
Golden Ticket-icon 4 Reward treasurechest 7* Level 10

*On Monkey Palace the player can buy more treasures from the Bonus Monkey.

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