Tower Relic Finished-icon

The Tower Relic gives +6 max energy when complete and is built in 7 stages. It's possible to buy more bases in the store for 500 coins.


It is the first building that mixes materials that were before only used in Plans not in Relics. Materials used for building:


Every stage adds one piece related to one of the themes on Treasure Isle: Tiki, Mayan, Volcano, Pirate, Monkey and Asia. The final stage adds a shell, it was one of the first hints for the release of Atlantis.

Stage 1
Tower Relic Stage 1-icon
Paint-iconx1 Dye-iconx1 Cloth-iconx1 Gold-iconx1 Shells-iconx1
Stage 2
Tower Relic Stage 2-icon
Paint-iconx2 Dye-iconx2 Cloth-iconx2 Gold-iconx2 Shells-iconx2
Stage 3
Tower Relic Stage 3-icon
Paint-iconx3 Dye-iconx3 Cloth-iconx3 Gold-iconx3 Shells-iconx3
Stage 4
Tower Relic Stage 4-icon
Paint-iconx4 Dye-iconx4 Cloth-iconx4 Gold-iconx4 Shells-iconx4
Stage 5
Tower Relic Stage 5-icon
Paint-iconx5 Dye-iconx5 Cloth-iconx5 Gold-iconx5 Shells-iconx5
Stage 6
Tower Relic Stage 6-icon
Paint-iconx6 Dye-iconx6 Cloth-iconx6 Gold-iconx6 Shells-iconx6
Stage 7
Tower Relic Stage 7-icon
Paint-iconx7 Dye-iconx7 Cloth-iconx7 Gold-iconx7 Shells-iconx7

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