Treasures are various collectibles , that are each part of a 5-piece collection. If you found all 5 items of a collection, you can trade them in for Coins and more importantly, for XP.
Not every item in a collection can be dug up. If you do not find all the items, the can be requested from neighbors by using the wishlist.

Tiki Edit

Main article: Tiki Treasures
Alepoi's Beach Gear-icon
Alepoi's Beach Gear
Baby Bat Care Bottled Ships-icon
Bottled Ships
Chess Pieces-icon
Chess Pieces
Coral Jewelry-icon
Coral Jewelry
Crown Jewels-icon
Crown Jewels
Crystal Gold Mining Duchess Finery-icon
Duchess Finery
Famous Diamonds-icon
Famous Diamonds
Famous Queens-icon
Famous Queens
Fine Weapons-icon
Fine Weapons
Historical Sculptures-icon
Historical Sculptures
Hula Outfit-icon
Hula Outfit
Jeweled Birds-icon
Jeweled Birds
Koa Wood Statues-icon
Koa Wood Statues
Leafy Bugs Lost Fine Art-icon
Lost Fine Art
Luau Artifacts-icon
Luau Artifacts
Puka Shells-icon
Puka Shells
Royal Animals-icon
Royal Animals
Royal Garb-icon
Royal Garb
Royal Shells Royal Tableware-icon
Royal Tableware
Sailing Instruments-icon
Sailing Instruments
Sharktooth Necklaces-icon
Sharktooth Necklaces
Signet Rings-icon
Signet Rings
Sunset Shells Tiki Masks-icon
Tiki Masks
Tiki Statues-icon
Tiki Statues
Tiki Ultra Rare Collection-icon
Tiki Ultra Rare Collection
Treasure Remnants-icon
Treasure Remnants
Treasures of Egypt-icon
Treasures of Egypt
Tropical Butterflies

Mayan Edit

Main article: Mayan Treasures
Amber Insects-icon
Amber Insects
Ancient Containers-icon
Ancient Containers
Cave Explorer Gear-icon
Cave Explorer Gear
Ceremonial Items-icon
Ceremonial Items
Faberge Eggs-icon
Faberge Eggs
Fishing Gear-icon
Fishing Gear
Gardening Tools-icon
Gardening Tools
God Statues-icon
God Statues
Gold Coin Jewelry-icon
Gold Coin Jewelry
Gold Menagerie-icon
Gold Menagerie
Grand Feast Preparation-icon
Grand Feast Preparation
Kingly Treasure-icon
Kingly Treasure
Leisure Items-icon
Leisure Items
Mayan Clothing-icon
Mayan Clothing
Mayan Jewelry-icon
Mayan Jewelry
Mayan Pottery-icon
Mayan Pottery
Mayan Weapons-icon
Mayan Weapons
Mayan Weaving Tools-icon
Mayan Weaving Tools
Musical Instruments-icon
Musical Instruments
Necklace Making Set-icon
Necklace Making Set
Painted Shells-icon
Painted Shells
Prince Haritatos’s Jewels-icon
Prince Haritatos’s Jewels
Queens Dowry-icon
Queens Dowry
Royal Furniture-icon
Royal Furniture
Royal Jewels-icon
Royal Jewels
Royal Medallions-icon
Royal Medallions
Shipwreck Loot-icon
Shipwreck Loot
Stone Fruit-icon
Stone Fruit
The Lost Adventuress-icon
The Lost Adventuress
The Lost Explorer-icon
The Lost Explorer
The Lost Hunter-icon
The Lost Hunter
Tin Soldiers-icon
Tin Soldiers

Pirate Edit

Main article: Pirate Treasures
Bog o' Shells-icon
Bog o' Shells
Bratlbee's Toys-icon
Bratlbee's Toys
Britches n' Stitches-icon
Britches n' Stitches
Bumbedorf Duds-icon
Bumbedorf Duds
Classy Equipment-icon
Classy Equipment
Crazy Knots-icon
Crazy Knots
Cursed Items-icon
Cursed Items
DaVinci's Sketches-icon
DaVinci's Sketches
Davey Jone's Locker-icon
Davey Jone's Locker
Deity's Schwag-icon
Deity's Schwag
Designer Bags-icon
Designer Bags
Designer Shoes-icon
Designer Shoes
Doctor's Kit-icon
Doctor's Kit
East India Espionage-icon
East India Espionage
Fightin' Gear-icon
Fightin' Gear
Gambling Goods-icon
Gambling Goods
Golden Feathers-icon
Golden Feathers
Goldiva's China-icon
Goldiva's China
Good Grub-icon
Good Grub
Hermit Essentials-icon
Hermit Essentials
Knockoff Watches-icon
Knockoff Watches
Media Center-icon
Media Center
Odd Frogs-icon
Odd Frogs
Pirate Accessories-icon
Pirate Accessories
Pirate Accessories (princess)-icon
Pirate Accessories (princess)
Pirate Coins-icon
Pirate Coins
Pirate Flags-icon
Pirate Flags
Pirate Instruments-icon
Pirate Instruments
Pirate King's Possessions-icon
Pirate King's Possessions
Pirate Plunder-icon
Pirate Plunder
Ship Parts-icon
Ship Parts
Stash o' Blackbeard-icon
Stash o' Blackbeard
Tan Fashions-icon
Tan Fashions

Volcano Edit

Main article: Volcano Treasures
Arthurian Treasures-icon
Arthurian Treasures
Falconry Gear-icon
Falconry Gear
Famous Volcanoes-icon
Famous Volcanoes
Firefox Collection-icon
Firefox Collection
Gaudy Jewelry-icon
Gaudy Jewelry
Hot Food Collections-icon
Hot Food Collections
Judge's Items-icon
Judge's Items
Lava Lamp Collection-icon
Lava Lamp Collection
Mythic Treasure-icon
Mythic Treasure
Olde Type Sports-icon
Olde Type Sports
Pompeii Remnants-icon
Pompeii Remnants
Rembrandt's Studio-icon
Rembrandt's Studio
Roman Gods-icon
Roman Gods
Volcanologist Gear-icon
Volcanologist Gear

Monkey Edit

Main article: Monkey Treasures
Banana Fun-icon
Banana Fun
Banana Split (collection)-icon
Banana Split Treasure
Banana Stuff-icon
Banana Stuff
Barrel O' Monkeys-icon
Barrel O' Monkeys
Coconut Animals-icon
Coconut Animals
Coconut Crafts-icon
Coconut Crafts
DJ Gear-icon
DJ Gear
Four Wise Monkeys-icon
Four Wise Monkeys
Kongo King-icon
Kongo King
Monkey Band-icon
Monkey Band
Monkey Flush-icon
Monkey Flush
Monkey Grinder-icon
Monkey Grinder
Monkey Money-icon
Monkey Money
Primate Relics-icon
Primate Relics
Simian Treasures-icon
Simian Treasures
Tailstrong's Uniform-icon
Tailstrong's Uniform
Tropical Bugs-icon
Tropical Bugs
Yellow Hat-icon
Yellow Hat

Asia Edit

Main article: Asia Treasures
Ancient Dragons-icon
Ancient Dragons
Bonsai Trees-icon
Bonsai Trees
Chinese Dogs-icon
Chinese Dogs
Chinese Kites-icon
Chinese Kites
Chinese Musical-icon
Chinese Musical
Emperor's Coins-icon
Emperor's Coins
Fetching Flowers-icon
Fetching Flowers
Five Virtues-icon
Five Virtues
Geisha Adornments-icon
Geisha Adornments
Jade Jewelry-icon
Jade Jewelry
Kung Fu Elders-icon
Kung Fu Elders
Ming Vases-icon
Ming Vases
Necklace Parts-icon
Necklace Parts
Necklaces of Power-icon
Necklaces of Power
Ninja Gear-icon
Ninja Gear
Samurai Gear-icon
Samurai Gear
Terracotta Warriors-icon
Terracotta Warriors
The Five Classics-icon
The Five Classics
Zodiac Collection 1-icon
Zodiac Collection 1
Zodiac Collection 2-icon
Zodiac Collection 2
Zodiac Collection 3-icon
Zodiac Collection 3

Atlantis Edit

Main article: Atlantis Treasures

Colorful Fish-icon
Colorful Fish


Deep Sea Creatures-icon
Deep Sea Creatures

Lost Dive Gear-icon
Lost Dive Gear

Mermaid Trinkets-icon
Mermaid Trinkets

Ocean Carvings-icon
Ocean Carvings

Sea Life-icon
Sea Life

Sea Plants-icon
Sea Plants


Shark Proof-icon
Shark Proof

Starfish (collection)-icon
Starfish (collection)

Submarine Repair-icon
Submarine Repair

Tiny Creatures-icon
Tiny Creatures

Water Samples-icon
Water Samples

Arctic Edit

Main article: Arctic Treasures

Arctic Flowers

Arctic Flyers-icon
Arctic Flyers
Arctic Mammals-icon
Arctic Mamals

Denizens of the Deep

Dog Sled-icon
Dog Sled

Ice Sculptures

Inuit Hunting Tools Prehistoric Animals Warm Clothes-icon
Warm Clothes
Winter Treats

Fishing Edit

Main article: Fishing Treasures
Bottom of the Sea Junk-icon
Bottom of the Sea Junk
Marine Plants-icon
Marine Plants
Sea Creatures-icon
Sea Creatures
Sea Monsters-icon
Sea Monsters
The Petite Fish Lady-icon
The Petite Fish Lady

Special Edit

Main article: Special Treasures
Altering Accents-icon
Altering Accents

Book of Kells


Candy Cauldron-icon

Candy Cauldron

Candy Hearts Celtic Treasures Coin Nuggets-icon
Coin Nuggets
Crazy Science-icon
Crazy Science
Creepy Crawlies-icon
Creepy Crawlies
Cupid’s Attire Delicious Pies-icon
Delicious Pies
Desserts Devious Decor-icon
Devious Decor
Exceptional Vessels-icon
Exceptional Vessels
Fall Fashion-icon
Fall Fashion
Famous Frights-icon
Famous Frights
Festive Table Toppers-icon
Festive Table Toppers
Fruit Smoothie (collection)-icon
Fruit Smoothie (collection)
Gold Ore-icon
Gold Ore
Harbor Holiday Cheer-icon
Holiday Cheer
How to make a Snowman-icon
How to make a Snowman
Irish Food Irish Instruments Irish Jewlery Irish Weapons Island Punch (collection)-icon
Island Punch (collection)
Jack O'Lanterns-icon
Jack O'Lanterns
Lucky Loot-icon
Lucky Loot
Old Time Fun-icon
Old Time Fun
Petty Pranks-icon
Petty Pranks
Pola Cola-icon
Pola Cola
Seasonal Spices-icon
Seasonal Spices
Seasonal Sweets-icon
Seasonal Sweets
Ski Bum-icon
Ski Bum
Spirited Spooks-icon
Spirited Spooks
Traditional Toys-icon
Traditional Toys
Tropical Trail Mix-icon
Tropical Trail Mix
Witches Wardrobe-icon
Witches Wardrobe