Trees are Decorations which can be placed on the Home Island. They can be purchased from the Store, received as Gifts or can be obtained in Overstuffed Treasure Chests.

List of Trees Edit

  • Darkened plants are no longer available.
Level Image Decoration Name Cost Size Sell Price XP Gained Notes
Baby Green Birch-icon Baby Green Birch Coins 2100 coins
Baby Yellow Birch-icon Baby Yellow Birch Coins 2050 coins
Bird-of-Paradise-icon Bird-of-Paradise Cash 8 cash XP-icon 44
Bromeliad-icon Bromeliad Cash 5 cash XP-icon 25
8 Chinese Fern-icon Chinese Fern Coins 500 coins Coins 25 coins
75 Corpse Flower-icon Corpse Flower Coins 13260 coins 2x2
Dark Pine Tree-icon Dark Pine Tree Coins 5250 coins
Day Lily-icon Day Lily Coins 140 coins Coins 7 coins
Dead Tree-icon Dead Tree Coins 1,780 coins Coins 89 coins
7 Fan Palm-icon Fan Palm Coins 1,000 coins Coins 50 coins
Fern-icon Fern Coins 20 coins
Fire Lotus-icon Fire Lotus Coins 700 coins Fire God Mountain
Fireflower-icon Fireflower Coins 400 coins Fire God Mountain
19 Flame Tree-icon Flame Tree Coins 1,600 coins Coins 80 coins
11 Flamingo Lily-icon Flamingo Lily Coins 800 coins Coins 40 coins
Glowflower-icon Glowflower Coins 400 coins Fire God Mountain
Gloxina-icon Gloxina Coins 240 coins Coins 12 coins
Green Birch-icon Green Birch Coins 5600 coins
Green Lotus-icon Green Lotus Coins 550 coins Coins 27 coins
Hibiscus-icon Hibiscus Gifts Gift
Coins 600 coins
Coins 30 coins
Hot Pink Lotus-icon Hot Pink Lotus Coins 550 coins Coins 27 coins
Jacaranda-icon Jacaranda Coins 230 coins Coins 11 coins
9 Jasmine-icon Jasmine Coins 1,200 coins Coins 60 coins
Light Pine Tree-icon Light Pine Tree Coins 5250 coins
Low Fern-icon Low Fern Coins 800 coins
27 Mangrove-icon Mangrove Coins 2,100 coins Coins 105 coins
Moonflower-icon Moonflower Coins 700 coins Coins 35 coins
Orange Flower Bush-icon Orange Flower Bush Coins 1200 coins
14 Orange Lily-icon Orange Lily Coins 900 coins Coins 45 coins
15 Orchid-icon Orchid Coins 1,300 coins Coins 65 coins
Palm Tree-icon Palm Tree Coins 165 coins Coins 8 coins
Pampas-icon Pampas Gifts Gift
Parrot Palm-icon Parrot Palm Cash 14 cash XP-icon 84 Limited
Pink Flower Bush-icon Pink Flower Bush Coins 1450 coins
Pink Lotus-icon Pink Lotus Gifts Gift Coins 27 coins No longer available
Pirate's Treasure-icon Pirate's Treasure Coins 1,350 coins Coins 67 coins
6 Philodendron-icon Philodendron Coins 450 coins Coins 22 coins
Purple Flower Bush-icon Purple Flower Bush Coins 1450 coins
Red Beach Plant-icon Red Beach Plant Gifts Gift
24 Rubber Tree-icon Rubber Tree Coins 2,000 coins Coins 100 coins
Sargasso-icon Sargasso Coins 1,680 coins Coins 84 coins
Short Fern-icon Short Fern Coins 9850 coins
Small Evergreen-icon Small Evergreen Coins 8200 coins
Spooky Tree-icon Spooky Tree Cash 9 cash XP-icon 54
Tall Evergreen-icon Tall Evergreen Coins 8400 coins
Twisted Tree-icon Twisted Tree Cash 7 cash XP-icon 42
White Lotus-icon White Lotus Coins 450 coins Coins 22 coins
Yellow Birch-icon Yellow Birch Coins 4900 coins
Yellow Lotus-icon Yellow Lotus Gifts Gift Coins 22 coins No longer available