Valentine's Day Information
Valentine's Day map
-Image © Zynga
Continent Happy Holidays!
Level Range 3
Extra Requirements Cupid Monkey
Islands Cupid's Lair
Island Love
Love Stinks
New Year's Eve
Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the 37th map in Treasure Isle.

Treasure Table Edit

Treasures Replay
Cupid's Lair Love Bears-iconCandles-iconDesserts-iconRomantic Music-icon Map Fragment 25 Reward treasurechest ?? Cupid Monkey
Level 1
Island Love Love Bears-iconCupid's Attire-iconDesserts-iconCandles-icon Map Fragment 25 Reward treasurechest +/- 41 Cupid Monkey
Level 2
Love Stinks Romantic Music-iconWines-iconCandy Hearts-iconCupid's Attire-icon Map Fragment 25 Reward treasurechest +/- 28 Cupid Monkey
Level 3

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