To go on voyages the player needs a vehicle and crew. Current vehicles include the Dragon Sailboat and the Pirate Ghostship.

In order to complete voyages the adventurer must do a set number of actions that cost Energy-icon 15 energy each, completing a voyage grants one level of mastery of 4 total levels, completing a voyage after the max level does not increase mastery but still rewards the player with a random gift. A voyage may also be completed by paying Cash 25 cash.

Some voyages requires crew members, crew is added by asking friends for help or bought with Cash 5 cash each, after added the crew member will stay active for a certain period of time, after this time the crew is removed and new members must be hired. The max number of crew members is 6.

Dragon Sailboat VoyagesEdit

Voyages on the Dragon Sailboat requires 20 actions for a total of Energy-icon 300 energy. Crew members are hired for a period of 72 hours (3 days) and receive a Kiwi for helping.

Dragon Sailboat Voyages
Ninja Assassin Voyages-icon
Ninja Assassin
Happy Land Voyages-icon
Happy Land
Monster Island Voyages-icon
Monster Island

Pirate Ghostship VoyagesEdit

Voyages on the Pirate Ghostship requires 50 actions for a total of Energy-icon 750 energy. Crew members are hired for a period of 28 hours and receive a Kiwi for helping.

Ghostship Voyages
Ghostbeard's Boo-ty Voyages-icon
Ghostbeard's Boo-ty
Witches of Brunswick Voyages-icon
Witches of Brunswick
Vlad the Vampire Voyages-icon
Vlad the Vampire

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