Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a Buildings which can be construct on the player's Home Island using Materials. Once construction, you can use the Wishing Well for a cost of 25 energy. The Wishing Well is similar to Digging, but offers a slightly different set of pop-ups and rewards. The Wishing Well also has a chance to grant you a wish by giving you a collection item from your Wish List. If you get a Wish List item, you can then share XP with your Neighbors via the News Feed.

  • Warning: Many users get an out of sync error when they get a Wish List item from the Wishing Well. It is suggested that if you get a wish list item, refresh your browser before using the Wishing Well again. You may find that your Wish List item is missing from your Collections menu. Zynga is flooded with these complaints and is working on a fix for many OOS errors.


Materials used for building:

Rewards from the Wishing WellEdit

Item Image XP-icon Value Coins As Item-icon Co,ins
Red Gem Red Gem-icon 4
Blue Gem Blue Gem-icon 4
Green Gem Green Gem-icon 4
Orange Gem Orange Gem-icon 4
Purple Gem Purple Gem-icon 4
Common Collectible
Uncommon Collectible
Rare Collectible
Very Rare Collectible
Wish List Item
Mango 2
Mangoes x3 6
Lost Herd
Fruit Crate
Missing Explorer's Pack
Coins 3 100
Mangoes x5 15
Coins 100 2500
Coins 15 500
Mangoes x10 20
Coins 50 10000
Treasure Trove
Coins 500 1000000
Island Cash x100 500
Mangoes x100 500
No Dig Tree

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