Witches of Brunswick Voyages-icon

Witches of Brunswick is one of the Pirate Ghostship Voyages. It requires 4 crew members.

Mastery Edit

Rewards have been substantially increased since the end of the Halloween Event.

Mastery Level Reward Mastery Level Reward
Witches of Brunswick Bronze-icon Witch's Ghostly Bundle-icon
5 treats + 6 Potions
Witches of Brunswick Silver-icon Witch's Big Ghostly Bundle-icon
10 treats + 10 Potions
Witches of Brunswick Gold-icon

Witch's Epic Ghostly Bundle-icon
15 treats + 16 Potions
+ Witch

Witches of Brunswick Platinum-icon Mystery Gift-icon
Mystery Gift

Mystery Gift ContentsEdit


Voyage Bonuses Edit

Bonus Image XP and Items
Nothing 3 XP
Gold! Coins 5 XP + 300-1000 Coins
Potion! Potion-icon 6XP + Potion
Strange Brew! Witches Potion Feed-icon 15 XP + Trick Candy
Eye of Newt! Witches Newt Feed-icon 15 XP + Trick Candy
My Pretties! Witches Witch Feed-icon 15 XP + Trick Candy
Toad Curse! Witches Toad Feed-icon 15 XP + Trick Candy
Meow! Hiss! Witches Cat Feed-icon 15 XP + Trick Candy

Feed Messages Edit

Feed Icon Message Reward
Witches Potion Feed-icon Explorer is brewing!
I've got a potion that gives energy!
Witches Newt Feed-icon Explorer caught the eye of newt.
I got his eyes! He'd been looking everywhere for them.
Trick Candy-icon
Witches Witch Feed-icon Explorer is being swarmed by witches from the east and west!
A hitch! This is rich, it's pitch black with witches, and can't tell which witch is which! Help me ditch a witch before they make me twitch and itch!
Trick Candy-icon
Witches Toad Feed-icon Explorer got toad.
Ribbit. Ribbit. Croak?
Trick Candy-icon
Witches Cat Feed-icon Explorer has black cat fever!
But I don't want no cure!
Trick Candy-icon

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